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The Website
Some proof of what we do in the mountains on our bikes? Ermmmm, this is the folder for pictures and videos.
New riders introduce yourselves here
A chance to say hi and introduce yourself, ask questions etc etc
What's it all about, Alfie
What Twisted Wheels and this ere forum you're looking at is all about. Are we a Manchester mountain bike club? Read on to find out...
Chip reviews
Scientific survey of chips eaten on Twisted Wheels rides
Hey, we don't live in a bubble. Links here to other sites, bikers forums, interesting stuff etc. Email twisteddotdalekatgooglemaildotcom if you want to discuss getting linked to this forum
Twisted Wheels Shop
Get your fabulous Twisted Wheels t-shirts here. No kidding, this is getting like High School Musical, only for bikes.
ye olde ride lists
A dumping ground for previous year's rides. Just so the senile amongst us can look back in nostalgic bliss or something like that
2014 RIDES
Here's the Twisted Wheels BIG RIDES and SOCIAL RIDES for 2014. These are full day rides, put them in your diaries and take your Manchester mountain bikes out of Manchester eh? Full details of each ride will be posted on the main forum in advance. N.B. These are only the rides we plan a long time in advance - night rides, foreign trips, weekends away, and other ad hoc stuff gets posted on the main forum too.
2011 Alps trip
Sub forum to get hysterical about trip to Ste Foy
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